25 June 2009

Sorry Folks no cards YET

Well isn't the weather just what we need???? I am just letting all my fellow bloggers know I haven't fell of the end of the world, I am blog hopping to leave comms. but at mo my sciatica is driving me up the wall. It's right on the bone at the top of me bum (right cheek) so when I try to bend its excruciating pain.. Have tried to work thro it gardening (it's gonna kill me this year I swear) so sitting here now just cant get comfy.. will try & get some challenge cards made soon...

thanks for stopping by hugs Christine xx


pinky said...

Ah poor you, sciatica is the worst. Hope you get well soon.

annies place said...

Hi Christine, join the club I've been to chiropracter 3 times this week, its from my hip to knee & under my foot, but getting easier, just keep doing short walks through the pain to ease off. You have my full sympathy,take care Annx
ps Thanks for the comments

Littlebear said...

So sorry to hear you are unwell and in pain Christine, I hope it eases for you.
Clare x

cats whiskers said...

Oh Poor you Christine I really hope you start to feel bettr soon, it must be so painful, just take it easy and look after yourself dear
Hugs Jacqui x