27 June 2009

Just magnolia Challenge wk. 11

Well folks back into action at mo tablets are working so must get some more challenge cards made... this is the card I made for Just Magnolia Challenge wk.11 which is a sketch by the very talented Bev I just loved this sketch & will use it again. Well back to the card as you can see I have decorated the inside too & taken extra piccys of the flowers as I sprayed silver mist onto them for sparkle.. think its worked. Tilda with Roses image coloured with Priama's layered onto nestie shapes, DP is from Design House Country Rose, M/S border punch with MM DP. comp. generated greeting, rest is from stash. Inside used same image & nesties more DP & DIY flowers.
Raining cats & dogs on the north east coast, festival starts 2day too. sunshine on order nxt wk tho.

Thanks for stopping by Hugs Christine xxx



Hi Christine
Your card is stunning,
Dianne xx

Lisa said...

Hi Christine, Wow this card is gorgeous! The pretty paper matches Tilda's flowers perfectly.

Lisa x

Littlebear said...

So beautiful, I love all of it - papers, image, flowers, blossom nesties - just gorgeous!
Clare x

debbies said...

Your card is so pretty!!!

gina g said...

Gorgeous card Christine, so glad that your feeling a little better. luv gina xx

Kim Piggott said...

This is just so beautiful!
So love your gorgeous colours and your detail is just wonderful!
So great that you could join us at Just Magnolia!
kim x

Tab said...

oooh what a beauty, love the image and the papers are delish!
Hugs Tab xxx

Anonymous said...

Stunning card, I love it so so much!
So pretty.
erin x

Christine D. said...

Just lovely, like how you've done the inside.

Mina said...

wow Christine what a stunner, I love this Tilda shes my fav at the min and you have coloured her perfectly...thanks for joining in with the Just Magnolia challenge xxx

Anonymous said...

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