17 July 2013

Our BIG outside project

As I have said in a number of me posts we were busy with a big project, all is revealed here with pics.
We had a big koi pond for a number of years & thoroughly enjoyed it BUT the winters have been
getting longer & colder, hubby is getting older not saying anything bout me except time is also
running after me..lol  We felt it was time the Koi should go to go to new homes, & the
20ft length x 10ft 6 width by 4ft deep hole should be filled in..not only were we filling in this
HUGE hole my dear hubby decided he needed another hobby! he would go back to growing fuchsias
as we have in the past, soooooo he NEEDS another GREENHOUSE..THEN the work began..arghhhh

koi pond
this was the koi pond a couple of years ago..it did look at its best.

DSCF6826  DSCF6858
then the demolishing began in earnest.. You may well ask WHAT did I do answer EVERYTHING from designing the new greenhouse knocking down walls, to using jig saw /hammering in nails, ordering wood & supplies, painting & of course keeping hubby right I’m a metric girl & hes a Feet/Inches guy..lol
DSCF6862  DSCF6902  
Hole is at last full & Top soil is all in place just waiting for more gravel to come BUT hubby is impatient & wants to start placing & erecting.. we made it in sections easier for erection..LOL puffing & panting..
comes to mind.. 

 DSCF6972    DSCF6971

heres hubby looking all serious, I managed to paint  the frame BEFORE he started putting in the polycarb which we used for windows.I didnt want glass for safety reasons when our lovely sweet Mia comes to play at nanaseasides..the rest of the gravel was laid here to.

DSCF7082   DSCF7085
tadaaaaa FINISHED, the path inside is laid with flag stones/gravel, chair already waiting, hubby is a bit unhappy  with the wood..when we bought it & had it delivered it was quite wet, with all this heat & sunshine its dried out to fast & left some gaps..am just looking away so I cant see them.. NOW I have 4wks + gardening to catch up on..dont think I will get thro it this summer.. my poor crafting has defo come 
2nd place this summer.. 

thanks for looking if your still here..lol


Doreen said...

This looks fabulous Christine.xxx

Mrs.B said...

Oh Christine, you have been busy, greenhouse looks fab, even if it was a lot of work!
Take care,
Avril x

Ruth said...

Wow! what an amazing project. Your koi pond looked fantastic...but fuchsias - well, you know how I love them!! I hope you have a good rest and then enjoy the rest of the summer with your plants x

Jackie said...

OMG, what a helluva project. Loved the koi pond, but this looks great and much easier to maintain :o)
Jackie xx

chrissy xx said...

Oh My! I was drawn in by your wonderful photo of your kio pond with the GOrgeous plants surrounding it! Seeing it dismantled for a greenhouse I thought Oh No! What a shame...But, there's Greenhouse and Greenhouses lol..and this one looks FABulous! What a project to have..But, What Boy what an end result...Lots of room in there...Lots of bench space..It will be wonderful! There's even a chair to sit on to watch the flowers grow..Must say...I LOVE IT...

Crafty Kitten said...

Wow mrs that was a big job. Still at least you can leave daddy in his greenhouse while you go and craft. When you have caught up with the garden that is!!!!! LOL

Vicki Parson said...

Your hubby is amazing!! WOW! That was quite a project, but I'm sure so worth it as it looks incredible! :) TFS! HUGS

downrightcrafty said...

wow if you ever fancy a holiday we need our garden sorting out too :)
Hugs Kate xx

Suzi said...

What a turn around this is Mummy, you've both worked so hard but wow!! it looks fantastic, can't wait to see all the beautiful flowers grown in here.
Suzi x

Lisa Jane said...

oh wow .. thats amazing having seen the pond .. it must have been a right job to demolish it ... i still talk about those huge KOI opening their mouths to eat the food lol
Can't wait to see the fuchsias though
Lisa x

Christine L said...

I has to quickly pop over to see fhe pics you mrentioned... Oooh LOVE the finished project.... What a wonderful greenhouse and a perfect place to do your growing! But what hard work you did... you're a better woman than I am Gungadin! (someone explain that to the younger bloggers amongst us!)

Well done to you both!
Big Hugs
Christine x
Ps.. can I place my fuschia order now for next year? Lol!

Jenny said...

Oh wow looks fab now its finished! Looking forward to pics of all the beautiful fuchsias next year now. Your Poor craft room, its gonna be feeling a bit unloved. xxx

Brigitte said...

Just fabulous mummy!!!!! I hope you will keep some time for crafting! Hugs, Brigitte

Janet said...

Wow Christine....looks fab! xx

Lorraine A said...

The greenhouse looks fabulous ! WOW ! a lot of work went into that but am sure once it is full with beautiful flowers you will know it was well worth all the puffing and panting :-)

The Koi pond looked beautiful too,,, that must have been a difficult choice to take that out ! :-)

Hope you can put your feet up now and have a rest ! :-)

Lols x x x

Susie Sugar said...

Looks amazing mummy and worth all the hard graft ....hope you don't miss the fish
Hugs Susie xx