7 March 2013

Need help finding a new Printer plz..

Well my printer is going in the bin..its been very norty of late & not printing true colours even when I put NEW ink cartridges in..it was working fine yesterday & today its had 2 new black ones only for them not to print at all.. done all the usual tests etc...  its an Epson DX4850 yes that old..lol.
 It nearly went into the garden via my craft room window..sooooo If anyone has bought one recently or has any info on A4 inkjet 4/6 individual ink cartridges I would appreciate  all the good & bad points anyone can share..

 thanks & looking forward to your help & comms plz..



Penni said...


We have an Epson Stylus Photo Printer


It is a great printer but the ink cartridges can be a bit expensive.


Christine said...

Thanks for taking the time to comm. Penni didnt realise there was so much choice now..

Christine x

downrightcrafty said...

oh I have an A4 Brother MFC J5910DW multifunction and does everything
Hugs Kate xx

Aunty Sue said...

Just dont buy a kodak the ink might be cheap but the red is not a true colour and when the colour runs out you cant use the black and also using black only does actually use some colour. Good luck be interested to see what is recommended I loved my epson and did use compatable and it was great

Jackie said...

I love my HP printer, over a period of more than 20 years I have had 4 of them and they only failed with old age. I have had 2 Epsons' and they were both nothing but trouble!
Jackie xx

Anne said...

Christine I bought an HP Photosmart Premium C310 series 18 months ago from Staples and I'm very pleased with it.
I went with very specific requirements and it meets all of them. I need to print 300gsm card, have individual inks (it takes 5) and also need a scanner and photocopier. It is also wireless so can be used by both my Husband and I from wherever we are with our laptops.

It is now out of it's guarantee and I'm now using compatible inks with no problems.

I also took out Staples extended warranty which covers 2 years after the HP one runs out and is not affected by compatible inks.

I hope this helps.


Christine said...

Many thanks for your input Anne I have left you a comm.

smiles Christine x

Christine L said...

Just seen this Christine... and am afraid I can't help... I have always used Epson, as I think their ink colours are the true-est... At the mo, I have an SX215.. It takes 280gsm with some gentle help!

Let me know what you end up with!

Christine x