30 March 2013

A Gem of a Chall..

Well I should have a creation to share with you today for another Gem of a Chall 
the theme for this wks chall chosen by teamie  Lyndsey  is 
If your after some super cute digi images to enter this chall take a look HERE 

The reason I dont have a creation today I cant print the digi images I wanted from 
Pinkgemdesigns as the printer I ordered off a seller on Amazon..who I wont name on 
here for fear of repercussions..never arrived after I ordered & waited 10 days 
in all from placing the order..after being told to WAIT another day TWICE 
I demanded a refund & the cheeky so & so has put reason for refund
to say steam was coming out of the top of my head is an understatement, &&& 
paying for dies from a craft shop website only for them to put them on ADVANCED 
orders  after taking payment without asking but taking money, the dies could take up to 10wks..
I DONT THINK SO..  more money owing to me..I am not a mug or pushover..if I pay for 
something I want it..end of..

On a happier note I had some retail therapy treating myself to some more nesties from 
Pinkgemdesigns web site  Janets service is 2nd to none..thanks Janet xx
Sorry for the moan but feel hard done by at mo..the sun is shinning but cold on the 
north east coast so I'm in my bright cheerful craft room looking for my mojo..

Happy Easter folks see you tomorrow..



Brigitte said...

I'm sure it will get better! With the steam coming out of your head, you might warm up England, lol!!!! Have a great day, thinking about you. Hugs, Brigitte

Crafty Kitten said...

Oh dear sweetie. Keep smiling, even if it is through gritted teeth.
By the way I have just noticed that all your followers seem to have disappeared!!!

Janet said...

I would be miffed too sweetie.....when I order stuff I want it yesterday lol xx

Christine L said...

Oh hon...... you moan away!!!! You've every right to by the sounds of it! So no new printer yet?? sheeeeeesh... !!

Glad you were able to get some therapy of the retail kind... saw the lovely new nestie shape on your lovely pink card... looks GOOD!

Sorry I'm late catching up on my comments.. Still recovering from my embarrasing bath moment!! Thought I would be stuck there forever!! heheh!

Big hugs
Christine x