4 October 2011

Any one got the New Club stamps PLZ read..

Wow bloggers big debate going on as to what some of the images are in the new club set
If you have these new stamps & have the time to leave your guess as to what Edwin is carrying
in his basket in the portion of the stamped image..& what do you think the other 2 images ARE??

Not trick questions honest ..

thanks for your time..Christine x


Clare *Littlebear* said...

I would guess apples in the basket, but I'm quite confused on the second image - could they be acorns? or toffee apples!!
Clare x

Exclusively by Mel said...

They look like carrots in his basket.
Mel. ha ha! xxx

sue said...

they are apples in the basket, I think the other images are xmas puddings

Mandy said...

Mel don't be silly they are teddy bears in the basket, the two on their own are carrots duh, ha ha ha.
Sorry mummy I couldn't resist, I'm going to the "norty corner" now and wait for Mel lol
hugs baby girl xx

Janette said...

Hi Christine, Just could not resist getting in on this.....I thought it was a Cat in the basket with apples...lol....as for the other pic....are they supposed to be strawberries with cream on or something.....not at all clear is it...lol..xx

Lisa Jane said...

mm.. not sure Christine .. look like apples in the basket and mutant acorns !
Lisa x

Lisa said...

Hi Christine, Think apples in the basket and could the other images be toffee apples???

Lisa x

Chrissy said...

Apples in the basket...and...iced plum puddings ..I think...


Lori said...

You know I agreed about the acorns but they look like these puddings...

I'm still colouring them as acorns...lol

In the basket, no idea. if they are apples they're awfully shaped.

coops said...

i would of said they were apples in edwins basket but looking at the 2nd pics, they look like acorns so are they supposed to be acorns in his basket???

xx one confused coops xx

Penni said...

I would say Edwin was carrying apples in his basket. But as for the strange acorn/plum pudding things I'm at a loss.

If you want to see the whole Fall Kit, Natalie has them posted on her blog at



Lorraine said...

i would say very large acorns lol bet im so wrong xx

craftykitten said...

Well Mummy, what a cheat you are!!! LOL
Obviously everyone is missing the point here - what Edwin has in his basket are plums for the plum pudding and those other little images are reindeer!!! PMSL
Sorry mummy - as Mandy said - just couldn't resist!! LOL LOL LOL!!

Christine aka blankiefinder said...

Looks like apples and chocolate covered strawberries to me! Anyone know if the new kit has shipped yet?

Christine aka blankiefinder said...

Someone has this Edwin already made into a card, you can see it here: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-_UVYQotV8zU/TotXTb-ArWI/AAAAAAAALGM/bh0le4GC1Yc/s1600/Friendship.JPG

Looks like the kits are hitting Europe, hopefully someone posts the stamped kit right away. Photos of the unstamped kit are now up!

Christine L said...

errrrrrrrrrrr what club?????

But looking at your image Christine, i'd say the front of the basket is the mitten on the arm that's carrying the basket, then there are apples in it... and the loose items are anybody's guess!! LOL
Christine x

Jackie said...

Definitely apples in the basket but the others look like acorns to me :o)
Jackie xx

Liz's creative corner said...

Hi hun they are the baubles for his tree as well as his arm of course, the other is his reindeer's nuts!!!!!! oh naughty corner for me too, move over girls save me some chocolate!!! lol hugs Liz xx

Liz's creative corner said...

Had a thought hun, they are oranges for his kids stockings, the nuts are his for energy! lol hugs Liz xx

I'm never out of the naughty corner!! xx