17 June 2011

BLOGGER is driving me nuts.. UPDATE

Hi folks I would appreciate if you could let me know if you can SEE my followers??
I haven't SEEN ANYONES followers list since BLOGGER went off air WKS ago..
Is there a solution to this && is anyone else having to log in constantly.??
I have tried unticking where you log in but it’s not making any dif. today..
thanks for your feed back..hugs to all
Christine x

Updated.. Thank you to the peeps who have replied I will try Google Chrome..like I said its very frustrating not being able to follow as I cant see anyones  lists..


*mieke* said...

Hi Christine. I can see your folowers girl!
Hugs Mieke

Pamela said...

Hi Christine, sorry I can't help with the problem I did have the same trouble but is okay now. I can see all your followers. Hope you soon get sorted, drives you nuts don't it!

Pam x

Doreen said...

I can see your followers Christine.Have you updated Explorer by any chance.????

Sarah said...

Hi Christine, i can see your followers, i was having trouble with blogger but after following advice of unticking the ' stay signed in box ' everything seems to be fine, hope you get it sorted, hugs, Sarah x

sue said...

I was having trouble with blogger till I was advised to update to google chrome

pinky said...

Followers are there ok Christine. Try changing your server. Google chrome seems to be better with blogger at the minute. I have started a new blog over on Tumbler as I think blogger is going to loose the plot completely very soon:(

Linda said...

HI Hun, I can see your followers just fine.. Hope you get it sorted soon..Hugs, Linda

Lisa Jane said...

I can see your followers too .. so not sure what the problem is
Lisa x

Annette said...

Change to Google Chrome!!! Worked for me. I was tearing my hair out before I changed over. Annette xx

Mau xx said...

Huh!!! it would appear you have a few more than me ....lol Yes I see them too Christine. Hope you are Ok Hugs Mau xx

Teresa said...

Hi Christine, it has been a real pain, but I've now switched over to Google chrome and not had any problems at all, it was driving me up the wall on IE. Hope yours is sorted soon, hugs Teresa xx

Mrs.B said...

Hi Christine, it appears everyone can see you're followers but you!
Blogger is a pain at the mo, but as you know, I'm no techno, so can't help you there.
Hope you get sorted.
Love Avril xx

coops said...

hiya christine.i can see your followers.
when blogger first started playing up i had major problems and i had to restore my browser, since then its been ok.i followed advice from the blogger forum regarding restoring my browser.

xx coops xx

Christine L said...

Hi Christine.... I can also see your followers... wonder if your machine has updated to Internet Explorer 9? It seems that has been causing problems with blogs. Microsoft update automatically on my machine, which I hate cos it alters all my settings.. and I dread to think what'll happen if they automatically do IE9!
Hope you get it sorted soon..
Christine x (the other one)

Cheryl said...

hi hun i too can see your followers,one thing i did was update my,machine,well it does it automatically but followed info on blogger about altering the cookies,and it worked first time for me,with no problem at all,its easy too do too hun just go to blogger help click on ongoing problems,and it will come up with all the info and how to do it hope that helps hun take care hugs cheryl xxxxx

Jackie said...

I can't see your followers Christine, or mine, or anyone else's either!!!!!!!!!
Jackie xx