29 May 2011

That's it Iv'e had enuff...!!! UPDATED

I have been without phone/Internet ALL DAY AGAIN this happened
2wks ago on the Sunday so TALK TALK is getting the BOOT..
I would be interested in what you UK peeps have & if your
happy with your provider..nuff is nuff..
If you would be so kind as to leave me comms to help me
sus out a new phone/Internet provider I would be grateful.

Thanks for your lovely comms..

Hugs to All Christine xx

Many thanks for ALL you input I have signed up with Plus net
a local Yorkshire comp.  we have no NTL etc. as our exchange
is not to be updated ANY time soon  so only a few providers
in my area..awesome deal I took phone calls anytime & got
Broadband FREE for 12months at the fab deal of....
£15. 49p a month for 12months..after that I can leave
or get another deal.. Goodbye & good riddance talk talk..

Hugs Christine xx


Lisa xx said...

I've got Virgin Media, we went back to them after trying sky - but much better services and prices.

Doreen said...

I had Talk Talk Christine and got so fed up with them,went back to BT a litle dearer but more reliable.xxx

Sue said...

Hi hun
i was with orange with me mobile but kept losing it, now gone onto virgin, no probs indoors but the wireless bit no like it in the office, but 100% better than was, hope you soon get it sorted, sue,x

Kym's Crafty Cards said...

Christine, it's so annoying when this happens and especially as what we pay isn't cheap. I am with Virgin Media and have had no problems. I hope you manage to get things sorted. kym xxx

Exclusively by Mel said...

Christine I am with BT and they are brilliant!!
No I don't work for them :))
I have been with quite a few others in the past. None are a patch on BT.
Love, Mel. xx

amanda stokes said...

Hi Christine,
What a nightmare and such terrible service.I've been with Sky for a few years now and never had any problems with internet or phone.Hope it all gets sorted soon for you
Amanda xx

Lynne said...

Hey Mummy, I've got BT Infinity and it's brilliant!! very fast uploading and downloading and they come round and set you up on your laptop/computer - comes with built in security too :)
Try and have a nice restful BH Monday :)
Big Hugs
Lynne xxxx

Lisa said...

Hi Christine, I'm with BT for both internet and phone. It is a little bit more expensive than other providers but IMO worth the extra because we very rarely have any problems.

Lisa x

pinky said...

We are with TalkTalk too Christine. We have had a few problems but not that often. Though the worst was no internet or phone for 4 days. Turned out not to be talktalks problem though. As far as I know talktalk use BT lines so don't know what we would gain going back to bt other than a bigger bill:(

Mau xx said...

Hi Christine, My Sister hass talk talk and she was off as well.
I am with Virgin media (NTL) before change over. Not many problems really at all but need to watch some of their so called saving benefits...lol not always a saving so watch what they suggest if you go with them, But good otherwise.
hugs Mau xx

Mags said...

We have Virgin Media for phone, cable tv and internet, and we're pretty happy with them. Can't talk about cost 'cos hubby pays for it!!!

Good luck!

luv, Mags x

Cheryl said...

well hun i have my phone line with bt but my internet is with plus net bt are to exensive for internet and let me down badly,with plus net you get to talk to someone straight away no buttons to press and if you email them they not only respond the same day they also ring you too see if you are happy with the response they are quick and so effeiciant,and they are local firm too think they are in,cornwall or something like that,dont quote me but just know they are so effeicant and cant rate them highly enough hugs cheryl x

Tracy said...

Hi Christine, i'm with AOL and thinking of switching to BT as it is very slow.
Happy crafting
Tracy x

Jackie said...

I've been with Virgin for years, in fact since before Virgin took over NTL
Jackie xx

coops said...

hiya christine.i have been with talktalk for nearly 3 years and touch wood have only had 1 glitch when their servers all went down.i hope you get sorted soon :D

xx coops xx

dutchess said...

Hi Christne...dont talk to me about talk talk!!!!! spent more time without e mail than with...have switched over to O2 and have the greatest service any probs...usually me...a free phone line for help and the most patient techees I have ever come across

Mandy said...

I had a nightmare with BT, constant problems, really slow and expensive. I changed to Sky about three years ago & they are excellent.
Hope you get it all sorted soon mummy
hugs Baby Girl xx

America said...

aww, geez! That stinks! I hate it when that happens. Sorry its happening to you sweetie!Keep pushing, itll get better with the right provider!!! :)

Vicki said...

oh eck, don't say that cos at the mo we are with Sky, not had any probs with them other that internet being a lil bit slow,and last week we were without internet for a whole day so because of that hubby has only just gone and cancelled Sky to set up with Talk Talk, he did this over the weekend without telling me, grrrrr. Goog luck with your new ISP xx vicki xx

Nannieflash said...

I can tell you, you wont be dissappointed weve got plus net and they are brilliant, weve had them for several years and we are very happy with the service. with hugs Shirleyxx

Elaine said...

I'm glad you got it sorted out Christine!
We can't have NTL here, the cables pass by the end of our street but don't come up our street, that said, my Mum and Dad have NTL and regularly have problems with the phones, or rather the lack of the phone lines!
We have Sky and I must say we have had very few problems.

Hugs Elaine xx

mazza said...

Hey Hun, so glad u got it all sorted am with Virgin for Tv, phone and internet and ive been with them almost 2 yrs and not once had an issue and am wireless too. I guess it all depends on the area as I would never recommend BT to anyone as I had a knightmare of a time with them and I used to work for them too.
Here's to problem free net surfing lolH
rie xx