9 October 2010

PINK Stuff Blog Candy from Jaque

I'm sure ALL you ladies know its Cancer Awareness in Oct..
lots of you will know of Jaques fight against Breast Cancer..
well to celebrate the end of her PINK journey as Jaques calls it
theres lots of  PINK  candy to win..so hop over give your support
so others can fight this awful disease..talking of others Jaques
has just found out one of her past DT buddies Elise Dinolfo  
has got this wicked disease at the age of 38..so ladies hop over
 give this young mum of a 4 yr old son your support too.

This is the PINK candy Jaque has up for grabs..

Plz. take time to give support to these brave ladies, I only
wish I'd had a blog when I had this dreadful disease 6yrs ago..
Thanks for stopping by

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