17 June 2010

Apologize for lack of posts

Hi folks sorry for the lack of posts, I am trying to leave some peeps comms.
I,m soooo busy with me new doors & then all the decorating to be done
am soo tired when I stop.. must be me age catching me up..
Am gonna see if I can muster some engery to make a chall. card..

Thanks for stopping by.



Doreen said...

No problems Christine,you take it easy.xxx

Mandy said...

Hello hunny, as long as you are o.k that's all that matters. We'll still be here ready to stalk you when you get round to playing lol.
Take it easy & don't go overdoing it
hugs Mandy xx

Mandy said...

Hi Christine,
I know the feeling, not enough time to do everything...Hope your getting everything done, but make sure to take time for yourself,we'll all stil be here...
Mandy xx

Lisa said...

Hi Christine, No need to apologise. Hope the decorating is going well. Remember to look after yourself and not overdo it.

Lisa x


I know exactly how you feel x You keep going it will be done soon x Leigh x

tilly said...

I know the feeling, just had batroom re-tiled and now it wants decorating !! I need to get paint and paper tomorrow
Tilly xx

Sarpreet said...

all work and no play, have fun.

coops said...

hiya christine, aw don`t worry about commenting, as long as you are ok.don`t work too hard.luv coops.xx

Di said...

Hi Christine hun, just think how fab it will all look when its done. Dont worry about commenting its something we all struggle with especially me!
have agreat weekend!
Hugs di xxxx

Anonymous said...

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