2 April 2010

I need help blogging friends UPDATED

Mr mojo is still on walkabouts & Iv'e had a sad phone call
to make a commisioned card for same sex civil cermony,
but one of the ladies is rather poorly so don't need any type
 of verse etc. for the future!! Can some kind peeps direct me
where to look for ideas PLEASE..
Thanks for the replies anyone esle know where to
look for ideas for the front images etc???



pinky said...

Christine thats a hard one, here is a verse i found
To the two of you, this is a very special day for all your family and friends and we are so happy to share in the celebration of your love and devotion, know that we are here whenever you need help and support. OR
Two souls with but a single thought,
two hearts that beat as one.


Hi Christine - quite a difficult request. Maybe something simple and to the point such as:-

United in Love

Hope this helps.
Sylvia x

Aussie Loz said...

Hi Christine. I was thinking perhaps 2 brides on the front? Or I've seen a t-shirt that had 2 chickens side by side and said "Hitched Chicks" - that's cute. Perhaps 2 female signs, interlocked?? Or, I know there's some great clipart champagne glasses with ribbons around, coloured pink it might be okay?
I went back through your blog... what about 2 of these tilda's stamped close together, the Tilda you used here? Or perhaps just a simple wedding card without mention of a groom? Hope I may have been a little help! Good luck with the card. xx