8 January 2010

Blog Award quick post.. Update

Hi folks I am just putting up this quick post at mo..not well at all waiting
for Doc. to come..O/H & I been up all nite couging etc..
 tight chest & finding it hard to breath now.!
Doc has been & given me & hubby antibiotics for chest infection..

The lovely Jessica from HERE has given me this lovely award
which I appreciate very much & will pass onto ALL of my lovely followers
with my thanks & gratitude..I need to try & make some DT cards so
take care I'll be back soon...Hugs Christine xx


pinky said...

Ah christine, hope the doc gives you something to help those terrible symptoms. Take care. Hugs

Mandy said...

hi Christine,
hope the Doc has been and given you some get well medicine...Hope you feel better real quick..Take care..
Mandy xx

Mina said...

oh no Christine hope you and your husband are feeling a little better soon...hope theres something to give you both a little tlc...wrap up warm and take care
Mina xxx

amanda stokes said...

Big Hugs and a speedy get well
hugs amanda xx

Ruth said...

Oh poor Christine,do look after yourself and get well soon,Ruth x

Nancy said...

Oh Christine, congratulations on the award but I am sorry you and your hubby are so sick. I pray the doctor will come up with something that will have you right as rain, and soon. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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