22 January 2010

Blog Award from Shirley...

Hi fellow bloggers I wanted to show you this lovely Award I received 
from the lovely kind Shirley (nannieflash) & its brand new 
Iv'e not seen it before..so am delighted she thought of me..

As with all awards this it has conditions & they are, I have to tell
you 10 things that give me pleasure (keep it clean you lot)
I may sound a bit like Shirley but when you reach a
certain age you get content with life, well I am..
My dear supportive Hubby
My Children
& Grandchildren
Love where I live at the seaside..
Walks on the beach winter & summer.
Love our very large Garden & Koi pond..
My very own craft room
My fab hobby (keeps me sane)
ALL you lovely peeps in blogland
Shopping for Craft Stash
It is very difficult to pass this on to only 10 peeps but thats the rule..

There are hundreds of you lovely peeps in blogland give me
inspiration so I thank you ALL & not forgetting my loyal followers. 
I am sorting out Candy for my 1st blogverasry so keep watching.

Thanks for stopping by Hugs Christine xx


brenda said...

Thank you so much for thinking of me when passing this on Christine, I know how hard it always is.

What you have listed as your top ten could have been written for me, would just have to change living by and walking on the beach (although I would like that very much) to "love the fens where I live in the middle of nowhere" and "love to spend time with my dogs and horses every day".

Now I have the hard bit to do, I am a very bad blogger when it comes to awards, but I have lifted the picture and will make a note to get it sorted over the weekend.

B x

Jak Heath said...

Bless you christine, thank you so much.

Mina said...

thats so thoughtful of you thank you so much Christine...I will do my best to join in
Mina xxx

Susie Sugar said...

Christine thank you so much sweetie you are so kind thank you for thinking of me I feel very honoured
Hugs Susie xx

Sue said...

Congratulations hun, well deserved, sue,x

Ila said...

Congratulations on the well deserved Award Christine!!...Thank you so much for thinking of me!!....I'm with you on most of your answers...I don't have grandkids yet...but if all goes well...will be a grandma beg if June...We're so Excited!!...Hugs, Ila

Rica said...

Congrats on receiving it and thanks so much for passing it on to me Christine.
hugs Heather xx

Anonymous said...

Christine, you deserve this lovely award--congratulations! How sweet of you to give it to me! I'll try to be good and follow the rules but no guarantees. Thank you so much!

Ikki said...

Hi Christine, Well you are doing what with your award, DT place on Pink Gem, and also your lst anniversary coming up. Congratulations, you rightly deserve your success. Great Crafting and blogging. Thank you so much for passing this lovely award on to me, your thoughts and support of the Cupboard is very much appreciated. Eileen

Inger said...

Congrats on your award Christine,
and thank you so very much for passing it on to me :-)
How kind of you! :)

Hugs, Inger