13 March 2009

Gratitude Award from Ann & Kay

Thank you Ann & Kay for this lovely award so kind of you to think of little ol me (well alright I'm not that little yet but with my healthy eating head on I will be,) thanks for the inspiration Ann, go check out Anns blog some lovely piccies, also Kay has some lovely creations so go check her out too. Again thank your girls for your kindness. xxxxx

Thats it for now folks. Bye Christine xx


annies place said...

Get on that healthy eating plan Christine, you'll have lots more energy & feel really slinky, I do believe my jeans are a tad loose already, LOL
Alsowhy do diets always start on Monday?
Have a nice weekend, Ann xx

kay said...

you are most welcome,have a great weekend.

sassy said...

congrats on your award...you really have a gorgeous blog...well done xx

Aunty Sue said...

congrats on the award and thanks for the heads up on the copic candy. Good luck.